There are so many yummy and easy recipes for Kids! A whole life won’t be enough to repeat all of them and choose your favorite one. However, we are here to hep you with this tough choice! As usually, we collect the coolest, the yummiest, and the easiest recipes for kids. All you have to do is to repeat after us.

First comes first! Christmas cookies for everyone, guys! We’ll show you really easy ways of making cookies using seemingly inappropriate things like plastic bottles and their lids. Believe me, you can make all the necessary devices yourself.

Another idea is perfect for a romantic breakfast or for lovely party snacks. You can make lovely baked sandwiches using filo dough. Use whatever you like to stuff them with – cheese and sausages or jam and Nutella.

The following recipe is my total winter hit! This one is for a whole company. You should take a loaf of bread, cut it as it is seen on the video, and place a whole camembert cheese into the middle of this loaf. Don’t forget to cut the crust off the upper part of the cheese. Sprinkle it over with herbs and olive oil and bake it in the oven. This is a fresh look on good old fondue recipes. Yummy!

Watch this video up to the end and find many cool ideas on making unforgettable breakfast dishes. For you masterpieces, you’ll need just a couple of things – eggs and sausages! There’s one more cool idea for those who miss summer – you can try and make instant sorbet!


01:04 – Frosting cookies
02:55 – Baked sandwiches with a “window”
05:28 – Oreo pops
12:11 – Breakfast ideas

Enjoy the video and hope you you will like this collection of easy recipes for kids.

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